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Health Education

Do You Lack Energy? Do YouFeel Out Of Sorts?

Are you struggling with weight management?

Do You Want BALANCED Health?

Let's work together to identify the root cause of your health concerns

& restore normal function back to you!

What do we do?

Rather than chasing symptoms, we use a series of functional tools that look at identifying and correcting the underlying causes and conditions that lead to patient health complaints and we do this by addressing imbalances in the Digestion/Detoxification System, Hormone/Immune System, Intestinal Barrier and by looking at environmental and lifestyle factors as well.

We embrace biochemical individuality while providing a precise methodology and logical sequence to achieving repeatable, consistent and successful clinical outcomes.

How does this work?

It is a process that takes time and commitment. Through education and the use of Nutrition & Functional Tests we can eliminate hidden stressors and support the systems of the body according to your individual biochemistry. We can also identify healing opportunities thru a series of drugless protocols, lifestyle modifications and continuous course correction.

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1. Nutrition

We provide a customized nutrition program, tailored to your individual biochemistry. The Nutrition Program will help you build optimal health by showing you the right foods, the right macronutrient ratios, and supporting supplements that are ideal for your specific body type.

Here's a sneak peak-The Foundation of Health www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUwdxTE9n-g

Your diet is the foundation on which your health is built.

Biochemical Individuality

There are tens of thousands of biochemical reactions that take place in our bodies every day and they all fall under the control of only a few Fundamental Homeostatic Controls. We recognize 9 of these control mechanisms and use them to evaluate and determine a person's metabolic type. Strengths and weaknesses in these mechanisms are what define our biochemical individuality and makes each of us unique.

Your body responds uniquely to foods based on genetics, biochemical makeup, and lifestyle factors. It's important to know how your body metabolizes because any food can have virtually opposite biochemical influences in different metabolic types. Like-wise, any adverse symptom or degenerative condition can arise due to virtually opposite biochemical imbalances. The Roman philosopher Lucretius wisely observed, "One man's food is another man's poison." Any given diet may improve one person's overall well being and aggravate another or cause one person to lose weight, while another gains. It also explains how someone can eat organic foods, take the best supplements, exercise regularly, sleep well, and still not feel well. We understand that there is no universal healthy diet that is right for everyone; "One size fits all Diets" do not work.

Food As Fuel

The food we eat is intended as the "fuel" for our body's cells, our engines of metabolism. Our cells in turn convert the fuel to energy to be used in all the life-supporting processes of metabolism that keep us alive and healthy. But like any engine, our body needs a certain kind of fuel to function optimally. A gasoline engine requires gasoline for fuel. A diesel engine is designed to run on diesel for fuel. Similarly, our bodies have genetically-based requirements for specific kinds of foods and balances of nutrients in order to produce optimal energy and function in a state of optimal health. If we meet these requirements, we can expect to be healthy, energetic, fit and trim.

Failure to obtain, on a regular basis, the kinds of foods our bodies are designed to utilize will initially produce sub-clinical health complaints such as fatigue, aches/pains, headaches, indigestion, weight gain, constipation, rashes, dry skin, low blood sugar etc. Long term deficiency of the right foods for one's type will lead to degenerative conditions.

Keeping in mind that all people thrive in the absence of sugar (including alcohol), processed foods, and refined grains, each of us have very specific requirements for nutrients that must be met in order to obtain and maintain good health, energy and well-being for a lifetime.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
–Benjamin Franklin


By eating a diet that is right for your type, your metabolism will move towards balance where one can experience a number of benefits:

Immediate Benefits

·Improved Digestion

·Food Converted to energy & not stored as fat

·Metabolic Efficiency

·Optimize Physical Energy & Mental Clarity

·Feel full/hunger free for 4-5 hours after meals

·Sugar cravings disappear

·Digestive problems like gas/bloating subside

·Enhanced concentration

·Balanced and improved moods

·Etc. Etc.

Long Term Benefits

·Enhanced immunity

·Conquer indigestion, fatigue and allergies

·Improved overall Health and Well Being

·Inflammation reduced or eliminated

·Achieve and maintain your ideal weight

·Improved athletic or physical performance

·Addresses chronic issues

·Works preventatively

·Etc. Etc.

Continued Investigation

There are times when the body has been pushed too far out of balance. In that case, it is necessary to look beyond the diet in order to uncover the underlying causes of certain health issues. Your Practitioner may recommend additional diagnostic tests to identify malfunctions in the body’s digestive, detoxification, hormonal + immune system in order to uncover the root cause of your symptoms.

2. Functional Testing Functional laboratory assessments are used to investigate the root of many common health complaints:

  • Allergies and acne
  • Blood sugar problems
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Emotional fragility
  • Headaches and fogginess
  • Indigestion and bloating
  • Inflammation and pain
  • Insomnia and wakefulness
  • Low sex drive, PMS
  • Skin and hair problems
  • Hypertension and cholesterol problems
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Any chronic stress related disorder

When you consistently consume the right fuel mixture
and address any hidden stressors.....

you provide your body with the raw materials and the support it needs

to regulate, repair and regenerate

and you allow yourself to move forward in your

Journey Towards Balanced Health!

Here's The First Step

Initial Intake

Make a consult appointment to discuss any health concerns and to go over the qualifying expectations of the program. Phone consults are available for those living outside the Washington County area. Schedule Now


During the Initial Intake, we'll design a program that fits your needs.(Package Pricing is available and discussed in initial intake)

Thank you for choosing

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